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Our mission is to develop working life in art and culture, make the fields more appreciated, and advocate for the good of the sector. We support our members at all stages of their working lives, provide services and bring experts together.

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august, 2022

16aug18:0019:30Virtual/ Physical EventCoollan urailta: Työn ja perheen yhdistäminenOletko pohtinut, miten yhdistää vaativa ura ja perhe?

18aug17:3019:00Tampereen TAKUlaisten kesäpiknikTAKUn Tampereen seudun aluetoiminta

26aug09:0010:15Virtual EventAkavan Erityisalojen koulutus: Painavaa palautetta rakentavin keinoinKuinka antaa palautetta ja käsitellä erimielisyyksiä rakentavasti?

Kuvassa Cynthia Blanchette ja Karolina Lillvis

TAKUtuki prize has been awarded

TAKUtuki prize 2022 has been awarded to two final projects or theses done by TAKU’s student members.

Do you find identifying your own competence challenging?


Sometimes seeing something up close can be hard. Your own expertise can feel like it lacks focus, and analysing it correctly requires an “ah-hah” moment.


Career stories

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A few words about unemployment fund membership and accruing earnings-related unemployment benefit

Joining an unemployment fund is worth it, as earnings-related unemployment benefit is considerably larger than the basic unemployment benefit paid by Kela. So, have you remembered to join an unemployment fund? It’s no extra cost to you.

Pricing your skills in the art and culture sectors


Pricing your skills, product or copyrights you transfer to clients is challenging. It requires you to look at things from many perspectives, particularly when you are pricing your first service.

Member services and benefits

TAKU provides support and professional counselling for its’ members in different situations – but also numerous member benefits, most of which are available to you as soon as you join.

Specialist in the art and culture sector: are you being paid at least the minimum TAKU-recommended salary?

See the TAKU’s salary recommendations for cultural producers (with degrees from a university of applied sciences) and holders of master’s and bachelor’s degrees in arts, history, literature and cultural subjects.

Recommendations and Guides

Check the art and culture sector minimum salary recommendations, employment term guides and other work contract related materials.

Employment contract checklist

An employment contract may be made orally, electronically or manually. A written employment contract is always recommended to prevent disputes later on.

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