Several clients, many projects on the go, different contract forms, occasional grant funding? It sounds like you’re self-employed. At TAKU, we know your situation.

Working as a freelancer, on grant funding and doing a various types of work is familiar in the art and culture sector. However, TAKU is one of the rare trade unions that specializes in these employment matters.

Our goal is to secure fair employment terms and pay, regardless of the form the work takes. We actively lobby for a reform in employment legislation, which would give people outside of traditional salaried employment unemployment and social security.

We offer information, security and a network

Working for themselves gives many people highly valued freedom, but also brings challenges of its own. We generate and share information about special sector-related and offer member services to support both professional competence and well-being.

TAKU offers self-employed members knowledge, security and a network that brings them together. And remember: if you don’t have a colleague you can ask, TAKU is here for you!

Are you self-employed or an employee? Know your rights (Occupational Safety and Health Administration)  >>

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Enough is enough. Statement of the Culture and Event Industry.


In the cultural and event sector, corona restrictions have hit harder than in other sectors, as the majority of the its activities are based on the audience economy. Here is the statement of 171 operators.

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