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Neljä pisaraa

Career stories

We present our members’ backgrounds, career paths, thoughts on their own work and areas of interest in the art and culture sector. More career stories and also the TAKU board are presented on the Finnish site. Let’s get to know and inspired by each other!

It would be nice to hear your story too! See the questions in the form below and give your answers. In that case, we’d also need a picture of you.

Career stories of our members

Get to know TAKU’s member: Nadine Labib

Nadine Labib works as a Creative Director and studies at Tampere University – and she originates from Egypt.

Career story: Claire Delhom

I love the fact that our field is in constant evolution and transformation, says Claire Delhom who has studied in Paris and Helsinki – and works as cultural manager.

Career story: María Paloma Velázquez

María Paloma Velázquez was the most recent intern at TAKU. Get to know María a bit better!