Raising appreciation of the art and culture sector: a necessary endeavour


Great advances have been made in understanding the significance and value of the art and culture sector in recent years.

Specialist in the art and culture sector: are you being paid at least the minimum TAKU-recommended salary?


See the TAKU’s salary recommendations for cultural producers (with degrees from a university of applied sciences) and holders of master’s and bachelor’s degrees in arts, history, literature and cultural subjects.

A few words about unemployment fund membership and accruing earnings-related unemployment benefit


Joining an unemployment fund is worth it, as earnings-related unemployment benefit is considerably larger than the basic version. So, have you remembered to join an unemployment fund?

TAKUtuki Grant rewards students’ final projects and theses!


  The aim of the TAKUtuki grant, awarded annually, is to support final projects done by students of art and culture, encourage students to do research, and boost the recognition of and research in the sector. A personal grant is awarded each spring to two students for their bachelor’s/master’s final project or thesis at a…

Cooperation with student societies


See how TAKU co-operates with student societies.

Mentoring gives perspectives and courage for making dreams a reality!


The TAKU mentoring programme helps you develop your thinking, take an important career step ,
and reinforce your professional identity as a multifaceted specialist in the art and culture sector.