Advocacy with clear goals and a relentless drive.

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TAKU's key advocacy points

TAKU is a vigilant advocate of its members’ rights. We track the position of the art and culture sector in changing social settings and listen to messages from professionals’ daily lives. We respond to current working life questions quickly, but also pursue longer-term goals.

Our goal is for TAKU members to be valued specialists and their employment rights to be respected, regardless of the format of their work.

We work to ensure that pay in the art and culture sector matches the specialized competence required by the work.

We pursue fair employment and pay by drawing up TAKU salary and employment term recommendations for the entire sector to use. Our members can also avail themselves of personal employment counselling.

We pursue a better working life as well as appreciation of the art and culture sector

One of our most important goals is raising appreciation of the art and culture sector, as well as presenting the diverse competence of specialists in the sector. We work for a future in which the diverse competence of art and culture sector specialists is better recognized and can be used in other sectors.

TAKU also strives, for its part, to make an impact on guaranteeing funding for the art and culture sector, and to secure jobs and development opportunities in the sector.

Vigilance, responsibility and non-discrimination are the values we adhere to in all we do.

Raising appreciation of the art and culture sector: a necessary endeavour

Great advances have been made in understanding the significance and value of the art and culture sector in recent years.

Specialist in the art and culture sector: are you being paid at least the minimum TAKU-recommended salary?

See the TAKU’s salary recommendations for cultural producers (with degrees from a university of applied sciences) and holders of master’s and bachelor’s degrees in arts, history, literature and cultural subjects.