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The TAKU board consists of the chairperson, eight full members and four deputy members. Full and deputy board members’ term of office is two years, with half of the board members up for re-election every year. In addition, a student representative attends board meetings. The board and the student representative are chosen at the union’s autumn general meeting.



Piia Lääveri (2022–2023)
executive producer
+358 40 719 9169

Particular areas of interest: art and culture events, equality, work wellbeing, young people’s participation in culture and music sector

Piia's career story (in Finnish)

Vice chair person

Henna Salo (2021–2022)
production manager
+358 40 731 8018

Particular areas of interest: municipal sector cultural professionals’ position in working life, environmentally friendly cultural sector, non-discrimination, family-friendly working life

Henna's career story (in Finnish)

Full members

Juha Isotalo (2022–2023)
researcher, Cultural History, entrepreneur
+358 50 5318414

Particular areas of interest: higher education in the art and culture sector, labour market policy

Juha's career story (in Finnish)

Netta Norro (2022–2023)
communications manager, cultural producer, MFA
+358 40 561 8004

Particular areas of interest: cooperatives in the creative sectors, future of work, new forms of working

Netta's career story (in Finnish)

Niina Oinas (2022–2023)
artist and producer

Particular areas of interest: entrepreneurship in the art sector, applied and engaging art

Niina's career story (in Finnish)
Kuvassa TAKUn hallituksen jäsen Mikael Kinanen

Mikael Kinanen (2022–2023)
Executive Manager, MFA

Particular areas of interest: cultural policy, equality, leadership

Gurmann Saini (2021–2022)
cultural producer, master’s degree student
+358 44 041 1997


Particular areas of interest: administration, labour market policy at EU level, youth policy

Gurmann's career story (in Finnish)

Salla Mistola (2021–2022)
Special Planning Officer, MA in cultural production
+358 50 599 7993


Particular areas of interest: cultural policy, non-discrimination, accessibility, reform of state funding, non-state-funded performing arts groups

Salla's career story (in Finnish)

Henna Karhapää (2022)
Executive Director, Doctor of Philosophy
Arts and Culture specialist, art historian

Particular areas of interest: Inclusivity and accessibility issues

Henna's career story (in Finnish)

Suplementary members

Johanna Lipponen (2022–2023)
event producer, nursing student
+358 50 512 4784

Particular areas of interest: performing arts, art- and culture events, non-discrimination, salary equality

Johanna's career story (in Finnish)

Kersti Tainio (2022–2023)
art historian, MA
+358 44 298 7546

Particular areas of interest: science policy, advocacy on behalf of museum guides

Kersti's career story (in Finnish)

Mirja-Riitta Sjöholm (2021–2022)
art historian, Ma
+358 40 704 0678

Particular areas of interest: labour market policy, increasing appreciation for cultural work, entrepreneurship in cultural sector, work welfare

Mirja-Riitta's career story (in Finnish)

Tero Uuttana (2021–2022)
master’s degree in cultural policy
+358 45 673 7532

Particular areas of interest: the self-employed, copyright, cultural policy, event production

Tero's career story (in Finnish)

Board's student representative

Nadine Labid (2022)
Creative Director , Media and Arts Student
+358 45 254 6939

Particular areas of interest: Encouraging and support students to enhance and show their work in different events. To assist and motivate to build and move towards their careers and worklives.

Nadine's career story
Kuvassa TAKUn hallituksen opiskelijaedustajan varajäsen Emmi Keski-Nikkola

Deputy student representative

Emmi Keski-Nikkola (2022)
university student

Particular areas of interest: the status of students and interships, education resources, possibilities for students to get to know job opportunities