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The TAKU board consists of the chairperson, eight full members and four deputy members. Full and deputy board members’ term of office is two years, with half of the board members up for re-election every year. In addition, a student representative attends board meetings. The board and the student representative are chosen at the union’s autumn general meeting.



Piia Lääveri (2024)
Head of Administration, Master of Music, Arts Management, Cultural Producer
LinkedIn: Piia Lääveri

Particular areas of interest: Advocacy, cultural politics, sustainability (social, ecologic, financial, cultural), developing the culture production processes, youth participation in culture

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Vice chair person

Henna Salo (2023–2024)
Production Manager
+358 40 731 8018

Particular areas of interest: municipal sector cultural professionals’ position in working life, environmentally friendly cultural sector, non-discrimination, family-friendly working life

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Full members

Juha Isotalo (2024–2025)
Researcher, Cultural History, Entrepreneur
+358 50 5318414

Particular areas of interest: higher education in the art and culture sector, labour market policy

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Henna Karhapää (2023-2024)
Executive Director, Doctor of Philosophy
Arts and Culture specialist, art historian

Particular areas of interest: Inclusivity and accessibility issues

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Petri Katajarinne

Petri Katajarinne (2024–2025)
Lecturer of Culture Production

Particular areas of interest: Culture production and entrepreneurship in creative industries. Funding of creative industries. Mentoring. Cooperation

Mikael Kinanen (2024–2025)
Executive Manager, MFA

Particular areas of interest: cultural policy, equality, leadership

Niina Oinas (2024–2025)
Artist and Producer

Particular areas of interest: entrepreneurship in the art sector, applied and engaging art

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Laura Salokoski (2023-2024)
Producer and Agent specialized in artist promotion and booking

Particular areas of interest: value chains in arts and culture sector, event industry, music exportation, freelancers, cultural heritage

Minna Sirnö (2023-2024)
PhD Student, Director of Library and Culture services

Twitter: @Minna_Sirno

Particular areas of interests:
political guidance of art and culture, art and culture administration, right to art and culture and availability and accessibility of art and culture


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Suplementary members

Jenni Koski (2023–2024)
Executive Director

Particular areas of interest: cultural politics, leadership, equality, arts and culture production

Jenni's career story (in Finnish)

Paola Nieto (2023–2024)
Producer, Artistic Director, MA Arts Management

Particular area of interests: Participation of foreign-born professionals in the Finnish cultural sector, diversity and inclusion in the labor market, freelance and self-employment, non-profit sector and artivism.

Kaisa Syrjänen (2024–2025)
Artist, multitasker in culture industry, student of social sciences (BA of Culture and Arts)

Instagram: @kaisasyrjaenen

Particular areas of interest: Equality, freelancer's position, multitasking in the art & culture industry

Henri Turunen (2024–2025)
Executive Producer

Particular area of interests: The recognition of third sector cultural operators, regional equality in culture, internationality, art and technology.

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Board's student representative

Heidi Nätynki (2024)
Culture Producer Student

Particular area of interests:
Students' wellbeing, supporting students' steps towards professional work life, sustainability

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