Student member, have you recently finished your thesis, or are you currently working on it? Now is the right time to apply TAKUtuki prize – we award two of our student members yearly with TAKUtuki (á 1000 €) for their thesis containing fresh ideas and themes developing the art and culture industries.

The application period is during March - fill in the application now!

Who can apply?

TAKUtuki is available to all TAKU's student members and members whose thesis is ready (finished after August 2023) or they are currently working on it (will be submitted by 31. July 2024).

You can apply with AMK/YAMK work from polytechnic or with an MA thesis from any university. The applicant must be a member of the TAKU or join the union before submitting the application.

If you are not yet a member, you can join TAKU here.


The application period is from 1. to 31. March 2024.
TAKUtuki recipients will be announced by the end of May.

How to apply?

The application for TAKUtuki is sent via this online form.

For the online application, you need to

  • Attach a free-form application (max. 3 000 characters long)
  • Add keywords of the thesis
  • Tell what new your work brings to the field of art, culture and events or why the topic is essential to study? (max. 600 characters)
  • You can also mention if you have planned to continue working with the same topic on some level or have you been able to utilize your thesis in some way in the work-life or with other projects.

You can apply in Finnish, Swedish or English.

Applications are evaluated anonymously. Please do not include your name or contact information to the free-form application text.

The awarded theses are selected based on the following criteria:

    • Relevant/original topic
    • Importance of the subject for the arts, culture and event sectors
    • Clear format of the application
    • The work is ready or well advanced and the schedule is realistic

The prize admission

A group consisting of four TAKU's board members is making the selection for awarded works and applications are evaluated anonymously. The panel of board members change every year. The board of TAKU has the right to decide to support only one work or leave the prize completely unallocated.

TAKUtuki recipients will be announcedlater in the spring and the prize is paid in June. The recipients of the prize are contacted when the selection is made (in the beginning of May). The recipients will also be announced on TAKU's website and in the newsletter.

TAKU may use the chosen works its own communication (reference, promotion etc.), or on its website or in its newsletter with the appropriate source references. You can see all of the previous TAKUtuki recipients here.

More information:

Vilja Byström
tel. +358 40 561 8967