Are you concerned by internships, contracts, salary or future employment opportunities? We’ll be happy to help you!

Are you studying for a humanities or fine arts degree at university? Or maybe you’re pursuing a degree in the culture sector at a university of applied sciences? Art and Culture Professionals’ Trade Union TAKU’s expertise in the world of work and professional network are there for you.

It’s worth joining when you’re a student. You will get a broad range of services and benefits, including travel insurance, leisure time accident insurance, and free member training.

Membership for students is free unless you are working while studying. By the way, did you know that by joining a trade union you can accumulate the time needed for earnings-related unemployment security through work you do while a student if you are also a member of our unemployment fund Erko and you have paid membership fee of your salary earnings. As a student is a highly recomended to join our unemployment fund Erko at the same moment you join TAKU - even you would not work at that moment. More about student's unemployment benefit

We’re happy to answer any questions you have related to the world of work: don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Are employment contract texts confusing? What is a collective bargaining agreement? What is the difference between an employment contract and an assignment contract? No stress: just ask us.

We support you when drawing up an employment and internship contract, when preparing for a specialist career and in finding your professional identity. We offer you information about things like salary recommendations for your sector and you can also take advantage of our guide to culture field's internship practices.

Another wonderful opportunity is the TAKUtuki grant, with which we support two master’s thesis writers and/or university of applied sciences final project writers annually. Applications are open to our members in the spring.

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TAKUtuki grant rewards students’ final projects and theses!

The aim of the TAKUtuki grant, awarded annually in spring, is to support final projects and theses done by our student members, encourage students to do research, and boost the recognition of and research in the sector.

Cooperation with student societies

Read how TAKU collaborates with student societies and what kind of sponsorship you can apply.

Did you know?

You can accumulate earnings-related unemployment benefit on summer jobs and paid internships. Make sure you pay the membership fee in proportion to your wages already as a student member.

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