Self-employed or business owner

Do you work to your own schedule and decide on the boundary between work and leisure time? Do you have both freedom and responsibility? Do you have questions about unemployment and social security? TAKU offers business owners in the art and culture sector a community.

Various kinds of business ownership and self-employment are familiar in the art and culture sector. TAKU is also aware of the sector-related questions. When you choose your own sector’s trade union, you also join a strong peer network.

Business owners and the self-employed get the same member benefits from us as employees do. In addition, they can avail themselves of targeted services, such as mentoring and coaching. All that these members need to arrange for themselves is membership of an unemployment fund, such as the Yrittäjäkassa (Unemployment Fund for Finnish Entrepreneurs).

Member benefits: trainings, insurance and legal counselling

Advocacy, training, travel and leisure-time insurance, liability and legal expenses insurance, as well as contractual counselling and legal services form the most valuable basic security for our members.

In the future, more and more people are going to work for themselves. Careers are already more diverse, and it is a common to alternate between employer and entrepreneur or combine both at the same time. TAKU offers art and culture sector professionals support, permanence and a community.

Are you self-employed or an employee? Know your rights (Occupational Safety and Health Administration)  >>

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Enough is enough. Statement of the Culture and Event Industry.

In the cultural and event sector, corona restrictions have hit harder than in other sectors, as the majority of the its activities are based on the audience economy. Here is the statement of 171 operators.

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