Fixed-term, permanent, part-time? In other words, you are in paid employment. TAKU supports you in all employment situations.

TAKU is an expert in the working life of the art and culture sector, developing employment in the sector and advocating for its members’ interests. We promote a better working life by making an impact at the societal level, but our individual members are also equally important to us.

Our goals are to increase appreciation for the sector, raise salaries and guarantee fair employment terms.

Approachable, personal service

We help our members when it comes to art and culture sector employment contracts and salary. If your employer is not covered by a collective bargaining agreement, you can use TAKU’s salary and employment term recommendations. You can ask us to check your contract before you sign it, so don’t hesitate to get in touch!

If you have problems at work, the Akava Special Branches’ lawyers and specialists are there to support you. Unemployment Fund for Higher Educated Employees ERKO provides unemployment security for TAKU members.

Our union’s member benefits also include free training, opportunities for career training, travel and leisure-time accident insurance, as well as numerous leisure and well-being benefits.

Join our community and gain an opportunity to make an impact!

As a member, you will also be part of a strong community of art and culture sector experts. You are welcome to join our activities, such as regional activities and our annual general meetings — together, we create a better working life!

Further information

A few words about unemployment fund membership and accruing earnings-related unemployment benefit

Joining an unemployment fund is worth it, as earnings-related unemployment benefit is considerably larger than the basic unemployment benefit paid by Kela. So, have you remembered to join an unemployment fund? It’s no extra cost to you.

Specialist in the art and culture sector: are you being paid at least the minimum TAKU-recommended salary?

See the TAKU’s salary recommendations for cultural producers (with degrees from a university of applied sciences) and holders of master’s and bachelor’s degrees in arts, history, literature and cultural subjects.

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