Pay for your membership fee according to your income.

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Membership fee

The TAKU membership fee is 1.3% of taxable salary (including holiday pay, holiday bonuses and benefits in kind) and benefits paid by unemployment funds.

The membership fee for the self-employed and business owners is €200 a year (paid in one instalment or at €16.66/month). A freelancer who only does work for clients as assignments, i.e., not as an employee, also pays this same membership fee. A freelancer who works as an employee pays a membership fee of 1.3% on all income, but not less than €8/month.

A paying member always pays at least the minimum membership fee of €8/month.

Bonuses, options, profit shares, per diems, kilometre compensation and part-time business ownership income are not used as a basis for calculating membership fee.

Full-time students who do not work while studying are exempt from membership fee. If students work while they study, they pay 1.3% of their wages as membership fee. Members receiving adult education allowance pay 1.3% of the support they receive.

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You can pay your membership fee yourself or authorize your employer to pay it for you

Employees’ membership fee calculator and reference number instructions

Fill in the authorization and send it to your employer.

Are you perhaps laid off, on sick leave, receiving rehabilitation support, on parental leave, retired or doing national service? Is your work funded by a grant or are you working abroad? See more detailed instructions.

If you are already a TAKU member, in order to pay the right type of membership fee, remember to update your member details to reflect your situation. Unfortunately, the member's online services are only in Finnish at the moment. You may update your status by using these forms in English.

Contact us: we’ll be happy to help.

You can get information about membership fee and paying them from the member services department of Akava Special Branches:

tel. +358 800 135 370 (free number)
(Tuesday–Thursday 09.00–14.00)

Remember that your membership fee is tax deductible!

Thanks to the tax deduction, your annual net payment is just 55% of the fee you pay. You can enter your membership fee when renewing your tax card, meaning it will be considered when your tax percentage is calculated. Akava Special Branches sends the information to the tax authorities once a year.