Pay for your membership fee according to your income.

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TAKU membership subscriptions

Employees and freelancers who do work as employees

The membership subscription is 1.3% of taxable salary.

You pay your membership subscription based on your:

  • gross salary
  • holiday pay and holiday bonuses
  • benefits in kind
  • benefits paid by unemployment funds
  • severance packages

As a member, you always pay at least the minimum membership subscription of €8/month.
Note: The minimum membership subscription does not apply to student members. Read more below.

Bonuses, options, profit shares, per diems, kilometre compensation and part-time business ownership income are not used as a basis for calculating membership subscriptions.

Recipients of benefits from unemployment funds

The membership subscription is 1.3% of taxable salary.
Erko, the Unemployment Fund for Higher Educated Employees, deducts membership subscriptions automatically.

Full-time students

Full-time students who do not work while studying are exempt from membership subscriptions. Students do not pay membership subscriptions based on Kela benefits (study grant). If students work while they study (including summer jobs, paid internships and part-time work), they pay 1.3% of their wages as membership subscriptions.

The self-employed, business owners and freelancers working on an assignment basis

The membership subscription is €200/year (or €16.66/month).

No salary income and no unemployment fund benefits

If you do not have any salary income or do not receive any benefits from an unemployment fund, you pay the minimum membership subscription, €8/month.

This may apply in the following situations:

  • you are on family leave (NB! If your employer pays your salary for the first three months of family leave, you pay the normal percentage-based membership subscription for those months.)
  • you are performing national service
  • you are receiving adult education support
  • you are receiving a grant
  • you are on unpaid sick leave
  • you are receiving rehabilitation support
  • you are receiving family caregiver support
  • you are unemployed or laid off and receiving a Kela benefit.

For more detailed information, please see Akava Special Branches’ website!

You can pay your membership subscription yourself or authorize your employer to pay it for you

Employees’ membership subscription calculator and reference number instructions:
Calculate the amount of your membership fee here
Order the membership reference number here
Fill in the authorization and send it to your employer.

Has your employment situation changed?

If necessary, update your member details to reflect your situation.

Contact us: we’ll be happy to help.

You can get information about membership fee and paying them from the member services department of Akava Special Branches:

tel. +358 800 135 370 (free number)
(Monday–Friday 09.00–16.00)

Remember that your membership fee is tax deductible!

Your membership subscription is completely tax deductible, and we automatically inform the tax authorities about of your subscription for the calendar year on your behalf. All you have to do is verify that your membership subscription is listed on the pre-filled tax return you receive each spring.