TAKU published a survey about workplace harassment and inappropriate behavior, calling for responses from art & culture professionals who might have experienced such misconducts.

The survey can be accessed here until 31st March 2021. It is available in both Finnish and English, and only takes approx. 15 minutes to answer.

The identity of the respondents, as well as the information provided by them will remain confidential and handled according to a privacy protection statement.

This survey is part of a University of the Arts Helsinki's master's thesis. This thesis aims to examine experiences of inappropriate behaviour and harassment among arts and culture professionals. TAKU is working on compiling instructions on facing inappropriate behaviour and harassment. The results from this survey and the thesis are used as background material in compiling the instructions and in promotion of interest related to the survey's topic.

The information collected with the survey might also be used in further research about the topic by TAKU. Your answers are confidential and can't be linked to an individual respondent. The data can also be used for further research on the subject. The client of the master's thesis is TAKU.

The survey also invites respondents to participate in a separate interview to help with further understanding on the matter. If you would be willing to answer some questions related to your answers on the topic, please contact:


"Encountering inappropriate behaviour at arts and culture workplaces". Master's thesis research by Meri Jaakola (University of the Arts Helsinki, Sibelius Academy, Arts Management)