Suggest an expert or an action of the arts and culture industries

For the fifth time, TAKU will choose the year’s foremost arts and culture expert and action for the Work Life Awards.

Who or what do you consider to be the most distinguished person or an action in the industry in the year 2023? Send us your suggestion and remember to include your reasoning for the choice.

Recipients of the Work Life Award for the Year’s Champion Professional and Action will be chosen by a jury compiled of TAKU board members. The choice of recipient will be published in TAKU’s Autumn Meeting on November 24, 2023.

Leave your suggestion and reasonings by using this form by October 29, 2023.

Year’s Champion Professional

Work Life Award for the Year’s Champion Professional is an honorary mention given to a person who has represented arts-, culture- and event industries’ experts for example by a long and versatile career. This professional is perhaps a relentless doer, who has strengthened the industry with new perspectives?

Year’s Champion Action

Work Life Award for the Year’s Champion Action is an honorary mention that will be awarded to a collective, campaign, project or an event, that has brought forward a societally significant theme or highlighted the importance of the arts and culture industries, fortified faith in the industry during a difficult time, or for its own part has made significant and irreplaceable work visible.