Akava organizes a walkout that takes a stand on the Government's culture of dictation on worklife reforms. Akava Special Branches and its member associations, including TAKU, will participate. Also you can join us!

Together with Akava and Akava Special Branches we call on the Finnish Government to take action to resolve the labour market crisis and to convene negotiations in which we could work together to find solutions.

We emphasise that every working-life reform decision must be evaluated from the perspective of competence and on the basis of researched information. In our opinion, there must be a fair and supportive labour market in Finland.

In the current labour market conflict, the keys to the solution lie with the Government. Akava has proposed to the Government an overall review of the working-life reforms, an impact assessment and solutions that would balance thelabour reforms.

However, the Government has been reluctant to act on these proposals.

Akava Special Branches and other Akava’s unions like TAKU will carry out walkouts in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, Turku & Tampere 6th February between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m.

You are very welcome to join us! See more details in Finnish:

HelsinkiTurku and Tampere.

Who does the walkouts on 6 February concern?

The walkouts concern the employed members of the abovementioned Akava affiliates (like TAKU) in the public and private sectors in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area (Helsinki, Espoo, Kauniainen and Vantaa), Tampere and Turku and partly in other cities. The measure also concerns the student members of the Akava affiliates in the abovementioned cities.

The affiliates’ administrative bodies have made the organisatory decisions on participating in the political protest, protecting the employed members in the walkout cities from personal repercussions.

Political protest is everyone’s fundamental right, but everyone decides on their own participation.

For civil servants, political expression is illegal, so they cannot participate in the walkouts.

The employer can withhold an employee’s salary for the period of participation in the protest. Akava affiliates have decided not to pay a strike allowance for the duration of the walkout.