Tactical job Hunting Tips

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(Tiistai) 14:00 - 15:15(GMT+02:00)

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Time: December 19th at 2 pm till 3:15 pm
Place: webinar

It is estimated that up to 3 out of 4 job opportunities in the Finnish job market never end up in a publicly open job advertisement. By taking the initiative and going proactively hunting for those jobs that are not advertised for, you take your chances to the next level.

Before contacting potential employers, you’ll need to be very well prepared. What might they need, what kind of a skill-set and added value could you bring with you? How would they benefit by employing you? Join our webinar and learn useful methods to customize your job-seeking, branding yourself as a professional and marketing your skills to potential employers.

Our guest presenter for this webinar is career coach and project manager Kirsi Pajamäki, Arffman Finland.

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This webinar is produced by Akava Special Branches and Optimum.