Humanistic think tank: From talk to action

26lokaKokopäiväinen27Humanistic think tank: From talk to action


lokakuu 26 (Torstai) - 27 (Perjantai)(GMT+03:00)



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Come and mould the humanistic think tank with us.
Sweden has done it already – now it is our turn!

At this event on 26 October we will create building blocks for the first Finnish humanistic think tank. We encourage you to participate and bring your ideas forth.

We are establishing ways to raise the profile of humanists both in society and in the Finnish labor market. The discussion hosted by TAKU at NordMatch focuses especially on young researchers and their importance in the changing working life. We have invited the best specialists of the field to find a solution on

1) how humanistic research can be used to benefit the society, and
2) how the young humanistic researcher can find his or her place in the modern day working life.

Our theme ’The use of humanistic research in the society and young researcher in the modern day work life’ brings together

  • Jesper Enbom, one of the founders of Humtank  – the Swedish humanistic think tank and senior lecturer (associate professor) at Department of Culture and Media Studies at Umeå University.
  • Liisa Mayow, co-founder and senior communications specialist at Kaskas Media, the only communications agency in the Nordic countries that specializes in science communication and outreach.
  • Anna-Maria Leogrande, founder and content partner at Kumous – Uusi työnhaku where she works as an expert on building a better working life.
  • Matilda Wrede-Jäntti, researcher at Finnish Youth Research Society, part-time university lecturer at the University of Helsinki. She is an expert on young people at work.

Humanistic think tank: From talk to action

26.10.2017 | 18.00-19.30
Arcada, Jan-Magnus Janssonin aukio 1, 00550 Helsinki

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