Networking and discussion event for members

31maalis16:3018:00Networking and discussion event for membersJoin an informal working group


(Torstai) 16:30 - 18:00(GMT+03:00)

Tapahtuman tiedot

Time: Thursday 31. March from 4.30-6.00 PM
Place: Zoom

Welcome to share your ideas on how Finnish working life could be made better for art and culture professionals with international backgrounds!

TAKU’s membership base is diversifying and we have more students and professionals who join us with versatile backgrounds, presenting diverse language groups and status in the working life.

Right now we are mapping out all the activities that could help our members navigating in the Finnish work life as well as have a better understanding of the principles of the art, culture, and creative sectors. We also want to invite Finnish-speaking members to join who are interested becoming active together in cooperation with international professionals of TAKU.

Already, we are aware of general discussion on issues that people with international backgrounds face in the Finnish labor market, such as

  • Unpaid internship
  • Shady contracts or no contracts
  • Language barriers
  • Fragile networks

TAKU members Kersti Tainio (TAKU board’s deputy member), Nadine Leinonen (TAKU board’s student representative) and Zeynep Kaynar invite you to join an informal working group: come to discuss these topics on Zoom. Present at the event is also Vilja Byström from the TAKU office. If you are interested, please reply to a brief survey and sign up for the event here!

The language of the session is English. With this event, we want to engage our members to discuss, share best practices, offer a channel for feedback, and most of all, create a community. There is no fixed form of the activities yet, and it would mean a lot for the ones interested to join the event.

Safer space guidelines

Please note that we follow safer space guidelines at TAKU’s events. We do not tolerate abusive or disruptive behavior, such as discrimination or other harassment.

  • All our members have the right to be at our events.
  • Treat everyone equally, regardless of a person’s gender identity, age, appearance, language, cultural background, ethnic or national origin, religion or other beliefs, state of health, functional ability, sexual orientation.
  • Racism and discrimination are not part of our events.

Behave with everyone’s comfort in mind. Improper behavior will be addressed.

We strive to take accessibility into account at our events. If the space is not accessible, we will tell you about it in the event description.

If you experience disruptive behavior at our events, you can notify TAKU using this form.