TAKUtuki prize 2023 has been awarded to two final projects or theses done by TAKU’s student members. Criteria for the selection was, among other things, the originality of the topic and its significance for the field of art, culture and events.

We received a total of 31 applications from students graduating during the academic year 2022–2023. The applicants represented widely different educational institutions and degree programs of the art and culture sector, e.g., cultural management, literature research, theatre research, art history, visual arts, art education, curating, and different fields of cultural studies.

The topics were diverse, up-to-date and creative. Themes deal with e.g., questions related to nature and sustainability, local identity, gender diversity and beauty ideals, posthumanism and animal representations, networking and international co-operation in the art and culture field, the role of art in descripting social issues, and accessibility and equality.

The selected theses are concretely connected to current working life issues in the art and culture field – the attitudinal accessibility of art organizations and the opportunities created by remote events in international export and professional networking.

The jury thanks all applicants for the meritorious applications and wishes warm congratulations to all TAKU’s student members graduating this academic year!

The panel of experts consisting of TAKU’s board members, decided to award (1,000 € each) following TAKU members:

Anni Leino
Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, Master of Arts in Cultural Management.
Unveiling motivations and unlocking opportunities: Leveraging online showcases for performing arts promotion.

Laura Suhonen
Jyväskylän yliopisto, Kulttuuriympäristön tutkimuksen maisteriohjelma, taidekasvatus.
Hyppy museokynnyksen yli – Empiirinen tutkimus taidemuseoiden asenteellisesta saavutettavuudesta sekä kuulumisen kokemuksista.

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