TAKUtuki prize 2022 has been awarded to two final projects or theses done by TAKU’s student members. Criteria for the selection was, among other things, the originality of the topic and its significance for the art and culture sector.

We received a total of 29 applications from students graduating during the academic year 2021-2022. The applicants represented widely different degree programs of the art and culture sector. The topics were diverse and creative. The awarded works represent different aspects of TAKU – theoretical artistic praxis and practical perspective on working life.

Kuvassa Cynthia Blanchette ja Karolina Lillvis
Cynthia Blanchette & Karolina Lillvis

The panel of experts consisting of TAKU’s board members, decided to award (1,000 € each) following TAKU members:

Cynthia Blanchette
Aalto University, Visual Cultures, Curating and Contemporary Art (ViCCA), master’s program

Karolina Lillvis
Metropolia, Creativity and Arts in Social and Health fields (CRASH), master's program


Get to know the awarded projects

Cynthia Blanchette’s “Strayscapes: Porous boundary making through the eye of the bog” is a transdisciplinary thesis that combines successfully theoretical research and artistic praxis. Blanchette examines the bog e.g., on a conceptual level, as a cultural-historical place full of meaning and as a disregarded environment. The thesis is innovative, up-to-date and it has international value. Research about the bog expands into questions about the relationship between humans and nature, and what we value and why. The thesis is a great start along these themes through bio-art and textile art.

The thesis can be read here.


Karolina Lillvis’ final project “The role of attending cultural events in increased well-being” examines the welfare effects of cultural events. The research, based on a literature review and interviews, presents methods for producing and analyzing data related to cultural well-being. The project shows that investing into cultural events increases e. g., well-being, communality and participation. The topic is up-to-date, and the project has a practical approach to it. The panel believes that research among these themes will play a significant role in future.

The thesis can be read here.


We want to thank all TAKUtuki prize applicants for their interesting research topics, and congratulate you on your recent or imminent graduation!


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