TAKU’s new board begins its term in January 2023

Piia Lääveri will continue as the chairman of the board, which broadly represents the art and culture sector.

New board members were elected at TAKU’s fall meeting on November 18, 2022. The term of new board composition begins in January 2023.

Four full members and two suplementary members were elected to the board for the two-year period 2023–2024. In addition, a student member for 2023 was also elected. Piia Lääveri will continue as TAKU's board chairman in 2023.

The full members elected to TAKU's board for the two-year term 2023–2024:

Henna Karhapää, philosophy researcher, art historian (Joensuu)
Henna Salo, production manager (Espoo)
Laura Salokoski, producer and agent specialized in artist promotion and booking (Helsinki)
Minna Sirnö, reseacher, director of library and culture department (Helsinki)

Suplementary members 2023-2024 elected to TAKU's board:

Jenni Koski, FM, Master of Creative Media (Helsinki)
Paola Nieto, MA in Arts Management (Helsinki)

The student member of TAKU’s board 2023:

Heidi Nätynki, Culture Producer Student (Seinäjoki)

The full members who will continue in board (2022-2023): Juha Isotalo, Mikael Kinanen, Netta Norro ja Niina Oinas & suplementary members Johanna Lipponen and Kersti Tainio.