Mentoring gives perspectives and courage for making dreams a reality!

The TAKU mentoring programme helps you develop your thinking, take an important career step, and reinforce your professional identity as a multifaceted specialist in the art and culture sector! The key elements in mentoring are identifying and reinforcing your own skills, peer support,
facilitating networking, and supporting career planning.

The mentoring programme works in small groups, run in Finnish, in which each mentee works out a personal career step under the mentor’s leadership. The program is organized every other year, last one was in the spring 2023.

Strong demand for culture sector mentors

At its best, mentoring offers an opportunity for the transfer of latent knowledge, sharing knowledge and ideas, and networking. In general, the opportunities of mentoring in the culture sector are broad and it is important to develop the practice. Indeed, TAKU considers it important to embed the mentoring practice in the art and culture sector.

TAKU offers participation in the mentoring programme as mentees to its own members. Mentors are not required to be members of TAKU. The applicants’ diversity have reflected the wide range of competence in the culture sector, and its strong educational
backgrounds. However, the most frequently repeated needs which applicants most frequently express are identifying and verbalizing their competence, and uncertainty about the direction of the future.

We will inform our members about the next application period and details in the member newsletter on the TAKU website and on our social media channels.