Nadine Labib works as a Creative Director and studies at Tampere University - and she originates from Egypt. She was TAKU's board's student representative 2022.

Who are you?

I am a Creative Director and a Media and Arts student at Tampere University of Applied Sciences.

In this picture TAKU's board's representative Nadine Labid.

What has been your career path like?

In addition to my current studies, I have done English Literature Studies in my home country, Egypt. I have always wanted to do animation works and films to help widen the understanding of the world and ourselves. After I have started studying Media and Arts, I was able to pursue these dreams. I have a published children's book about emotions and now directing a short animated movie about physical and mental health connections.

Particular areas of interests concerning art- and culture sector's work life? Which things you will promote as a member of TAKU's board?

Encouraging students to explore the work-life and help bring the art to light and be proud of what they do. Additionally, to expand art networks in other smaller cities in Finland.

Funny fact about you?

I have always dreamt to build an empire on an island with homeless children, animals, and people. And help them develop in peace and love and see life through a healthy optimistic lens. And I adore the art of cooking.



You can contact Nadine if you want to discuss about how to encourage TAKU's student members to explore the work-life. Check out Nadine's contact information from here