Dear TAKU member, we are glad to present to you our first newsletter sent in English. Read the full newsletter here.

Last spring we conducted a survey with which we aimed to learn more about our members to whom the Finnish language might not be the most comprehensible, or accessible at all, to better serve them in the future. The first step forward is to out an English newsletter and spread some information to our members who have not actively followed out Finnish membership letters.

We aim to provide information on both of our basic services as well as some other current themes.

Topics we've covered in the newsletter are:


TAKU sends a newsletter to its members every month (in Finnish). Currently, we do not have the resources to translate our monthly newsletter into English. We will send one fully in English whenever necessary, about 2-4 times a year. Remember that we update our English pages with up-to-date information, e.g. on new guides or other membership services! If you have any questions about your TAKU membership, don't hesitate to contact us.