The newly published website is designed to serve TAKU’s members by offering information and inspiration. One important baseline throughout the website is to implement TAKU’s mission, operations and values.

The structure of the site is easy to perceive. It offers fast reach to profound information, but it is also interesting to explore. All the current issues can be found from the front page and there you also find a feedback form.

In the future we actively gather our members career stories to strengthen the network and just to inspire each other. Check the questions and fill the form!

TAKU is in process to improve its English accessibility - but still you can find more content on the Finnish website. If you are interested in TAKU’s free courses or events, we kindly recommend you to check Finnish site.

Also the visual identity is refreshed

The refreshed visual identity tells the story of our trade union: each of us is a unique drop in the sea, which essential power consist of entirety and community.

Visual appearance highlights also some other TAKU’s key values: openness, positivity and dynamic approach. Turquoise, red and dark violet drops sprinkle on light grey, white or dark violet background.

The technical execution and visual renewal is accomplished by Kilda Creative. Thank you!