New salary recommendations and terms of employment in the art and culture sector

The new minimum salary recommendations and the updated terms of employment in the arts and culture sector are now available on our website. The general salary increase of 4 percent will take effect immediately from the beginning of May 2024.

Are you being paid according to the recommendations? Cultural producers working in the private sector and those who have completed a master's or bachelor's degree in history, literature or cultural subjects can apply our salary recommendations. The recommendations are valid from May 1, 2024 to May 31, 2025.

The salary recommendations are divided according to the demands of the job. To help with the application, you will find descriptions of what kind of tasks and responsibilities are included in the different demand levels. Salary levels are indicated as salary brackets. If the employee's work experience and the scope of the task is narrow, the recommendations at the beginning of the table can be applied. Correspondingly, if the employee has more experience and the tasks are more demanding, this should be reflected in the salary. The higher price level in the capital region is also taken into account in the salary recommendations.

Salary recommendations provide a good basis for salary negotiations or setting salary expectations. Remember that as a TAKU member you can always ask us for advice.

Ensure fair terms of employment

You will find the answers to many basic questions in the newly updated terms of employment in the art and culture sector. The employment terms produced by TAKU and Akava's Special Branches are a good support for private sector jobs.

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