TAKU has a new chairperson and a diverse board of members representing the arts and culture sector


At its autumn meeting on 19. November 2021, TAKU has elected a new board for 2022.

Piia Lääveri, Ruisrock festival's Executive producer was elected as a chairperson of TAKU for the next two-year term.

As Piia Lääveri became the chairperson, instead of four, five new ordinary members were elected to the TAKU board. Four of them for the two-year term 2022-2023 and one for the term of 2022. Also two deputy members were elected.


The TAKU board's elected ordinary members for the new term (2022-2023) are:

  • Juha Isotalo 
  • Netta Norro 
  • Mikael Kinanen 
  • Niina Oinas 
  • Henna Karhapää (for the term of 2022)


The TAKU board's elected deputy members for the new term (2022-2023) are:

  • Kersti Tainio
  • Johanna Lipponen


Nadine Labib, who is studying animation at Tampere University of Applied Sciences, was elected as the student representative of TAKU's board (for the term 2022).


Continuing as TAKU board's ordinary members (2021-2022) are:

  • Salla Mistola
  • Gurmann Saini
  • Henna Salo

Continuing as TAKU board's deputy members (2021-2022) are:

  • Mirja-Riitta Sjöholm
  • Tero Uuttana

Congratulations to all selected!

More information: Executive Director Nea Leo, nea.leo@taku.fi, tel. +358 44 066 4800