Music x Media, the future forum for creative business October 4th – 7th 2023. Four days of business talks, roundtable conversations and networking. Let's meet at the Music x Media event in Tampere in October?

TAKU is participating in the Music x Media event, not only answering the worklife questions that concern you, but also offering exciting content in the pitching lecture and workshop. Will you come along? TAKU members get tickets at  –10 % discount!

Pitch! - Pitching in the creative industries

Why to pitch in the creative industries? How to pitch business ideas and concepts for co-operation? Get inspired by hearing great examples and get tips on how to build a great pitch for your purpose! The lecturer Elsa Ervasti has worked with hundreds of startups. (the lecture is held in English)

Learn to pitch! A workshop for producers

Do you want to learn how to build a good and solid pitch and what aspects to consider in the presentation? Participants get the building blocks for their own pitch speech for drafting. The group shares ideas and tips for even better pitches in a collegial manner! The workshop aimed at producers is led by Elsa Ervasti, please notice that language in the workshop is Finnish. Sign up here >>

TAKU's worklife clinic helps and boosts your CV

Do you need help expressing your skills and polishing your resume? Are you wondering what a good salary and bonus wish would be? Is some other work-related question bothering you? Come to our worklife clinic Thu-Fri 5th – 6th October, book a time that suits you >>

The registration sheet is mostly in Finnish but we serve you also in English.

Benefit from TAKU members discount

TAKU members can buy a ticket to Music x Media at a discount of –10 %. Check the discount code from the latest member letter and be sure to get the benefit! If having some problems you can ask help from our office: