New publication: Planning and Creating Virtual Events


Planning and Creating Virtual Events is a practical handbook aimed to help to recognize and solve the central questions in virtual event management. Read and download the publication!

Do you find identifying your own competence challenging?


Sometimes seeing something up close can be hard. Your own expertise can feel like it lacks focus, and analysing it correctly requires an “ah-hah” moment.

Graduating student, apply TAKUtuki prize in March


Student member, have you recently finished your thesis or are you currently working on it? Now it is the right time to apply TAKUtuki prize which is worth 1000 €.

Networking and discussion event for members 


Join our networking event and share your ideas on how Finnish working life could be made better for art and culture professionals with international backgrounds.

In this picture TAKU's board's representative Nadine Labid.

TAKU’s board’s student representative: Nadine Labib


Nadine Labib is TAKU’s board’s student representative. She works as a Creative Director and studies at Tampere University – and she originates from Egypt.

Pricing your skills in the art and culture sectors


Pricing your skills, product or copyrights you transfer to clients is challenging. It requires you to look at things from many perspectives, particularly when you are pricing your first service.

Apply grant from AEK foundation


Grants for research, education, or professional development. Application period for Akava Special Branches’ AEK foundation is on 7. December 2021 – 28. February 2022. Read more!

Get to know TAKU’s new board


TAKU has a new chairperson and a diverse board of members representing the arts and culture sector. Piia Lääveri, Ruisrock festival’s Executive producer was elected as a chairperson of TAKU for the next term. Get to know all the board members.

Welcome to TAKU’s annual fall meeting on 19. November


As a member you are warmly welcome to participate TAKU’s annual spring meeting on 7th May. Please register here!