Introducing TAKU's  intern: María!


María Paloma Velázquez has joined TAKU as an intern for the spring time 2021. She is currently finishing her studies at Aalto University’s Visual Cultures, Curating and Contemporary Art Master’s programme and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Photography.

María has gained experience in the areas of art production and design communications, primarily in Hungary where she originates from. She has also assisted or curated smaller exhibitions in the United Kingdom and Finland. Since moving to Finland to complete her MA, she has served as a student advocate for TOKYO Student Association of the School of ARTS of Aalto for the board of 2019. Besides that, María is also passionate about transdisciplinary education and research, and engages in independent projects that deal with issues of feminism, ecology and mental health.

“I am very excited to start my internship at TAKU. I hope to learn about the background and needs of other foreign-born or English-speaking members, in order to help facilitate their inclusion in the union’s activities. I will also assist in the process of formulating the principles of a potential ‘Equity and Equality Plan’ for the organization, and contribute to the presentations given for university students about the benefits of joining TAKU.”


Maria Velazquez

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