What is TAKU?

TAKU hallitusseminaari 2017

TAKU ry is an Akava member professional organization for those working and studying in the fields of art and culture. TAKU is an expert organization in the special questions of working life affecting its field.

Art and Culture Professionals’ Trade Union TAKU

  • strives to obtain a just level of salaries for its members and improve their chances of finding employment
  • also strengthens the position of the experts and professionals via Akava Special Branches and Akava
  • works as an expert of the specific questions of the working life and as a bridge builder between members and experts of the fields

TAKU offers employees security

TAKU’s main job is ensuring decent work relationships for all the members, improving those relationships, and securing the employees a proper level of salary. We support the management of work-related stress and the implementation of fair work relationship conditions among other things, by providing personal advice, training and guides.

We have strong expertise monitoring the interests of the cultural field. We monitor the interests of our members, relaying information on the special questions of the field for, among others, the legislators, the central organization Akava, and everyone else operating in the cultural field. As working life changes and part-time work increases in importance, freelancers and entrepreneurship are taking up an increasingly central position in our interest-monitoring efforts.
With a growing number of members, TAKU now represents an increasingly large sector of the field and is becoming more and more effective in the labour market affairs. In TAKU, the members make the decisions through a board selected at an annual meeting.

Supporting you in the different phases of your life

We offer you personalized advice. We will take your changing life situations to account in, for instance, the following ways:

  • during family leaves, you do not need to pay a membership fee
  • when unemployment beckons, you can obtain an earnings-related benefit
  • we offer advice when you are seeking a new workplace
  • you will receive advice for drawing up work contracts
  • should you wish to become an entrepreneur, we offer you training.