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We welcome you to join over 3 500 art and culture professionals!

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You can become a member of TAKU if you have a college degree related to the fields of art and culture or you are working or have worked in arts and culture sector.


Students are also welcome to join already during their studies.

Note! Student, you can conditionally join an unemployment fund right away. When you find employment and pay your membership fee as instructed, you will be accepted as a member of the Unemployment Fund for Higher Educated Employees Erko.

Transferring from another union or fund

Changing a union or a fund is easy and fast when you are employed. Erko’s membership fee is included in your union membership fee. If you are working and wish to change your unions, do this:

  • fill and send a TAKU membership application
  • wait for it to be approved
  • send a termination notice to your former union/fund. The date of termination is the date preceding the beginning of TAKU membership

We recommend you set the membership to begin from the start of the calendar month to make the calculation of membership fees easier.

You need to continue paying your membership fees to the previous unemployment fund or union until the moment of termination, as set by the rules of the fund/union in question.

You can only change the unemployment fund during a salary-paying employment relationship. You cannot change unemployment funds while unemployed or on a care leave, for example, but you can change your union and remain as a member of the former fund until you return to work.