Work in progress: English language accessibility

In February 2021 TAKU published an 'Open Call' for its English-speaking members that asked about their membership experience and needs for services and contents.

The open call consisted of a short survey, whose aim was to learn more about TAKU’s members to whom the Finnish-language might not be the most comprehensible, or accessible at all, in order to better serve them in the future.

This objective is part of TAKU's strategic goal to increase inclusion and accessibility in its organizational structure. The questionnaire relates to a larger membership segmentation project that the union is embarking on this year. The recent open call was a preliminary step in the process to develop better understanding of members' backgrounds and professional identities, and by that, enable more suitable information and service offers for everyone.

The results of the open call showed that professional training opportunities and networking events would be needed to enhance the English-speaking community, while legal counselling and employment guidance would support individual security. Legal and career advisory services have been available in English (more information on membership benefits here), but it seems that their promotion could improve in efficiency.

Useful guides available on employment terms & minimum salary recommendations

This matter has been taken into account in the ongoing website renewal, which will feature more updated English content (including a concise accessibility notice) with attention to inclusive language. In the meanwhile, three recently translated guides on employment terms and minimum salary recommendations for the arts and culture sector are available in English on the current website here. Other important publications, together with general communications are planned to be increasingly bilingual in the future.

Welcome to contact our office

And remember that all TAKU members are welcome to contact us about membership information or employment guidance directly via email or phone. We are at your service during office hours in both Finnish and English!