TAKU cooperates with student societies at universities (e.g. in the subjects of cultural research, art research, literature, art history, visual art education, visual arts, visual communications and design). At universities of applied sciences, we cooperate with student societies in the subjects of cultural production, design and visual arts.

Cooperation allows us to get to know students’ needs, the special features of study, and how things are developing.

We also support different student productions, events, student-organized seminars and publications (such as student society magazines). Unfortunately, we do not sponsor for student overalls. Our financial support is proportional to the size, requested forms of support and visibility generated for TAKU (such as on the society’s website, in its social media channels, at supported events and in publications). The sums generally range from €50 to €300.

NB! The society must be able to invoice TAKU for the agreed sponsorship sum.

Download a template (PDF) for your society’s invoices.
Send invoices to: vilja.bystrom@taku.fi

We’ll be happy to send TAKU student overall labels and other materials to student societies. Get in touch with Vilja Byström, who will also gladly help you with them.