Claire Delhom works as a festival manager/coordinator. She has studied Humanities and Cultural Management in Paris as well as in Sibelius Academy - and she originates from France.

Who are you?

My name is Claire Delhom. I am originally from France and moved to Finland in 2013 to study Arts Management Master’s Programme at Sibelius Academy in Helsinki. I work mainly in the festival field as a manager/coordinator.


What has been your career path like?

I’d say my career path has been quite smooth, with its share of challenges. I first studied Humanities and then a Cultural Management Bachelor in Paris. That’s when I started working for festivals as an intern and then producer.

During my studies at Sibelius Academy, I started volunteering in various festivals in Finland to develop my network and get a better grasp on how the cultural field works around here. It took me 3 years to actually get my first paid job in the field. I have been lucky to meet the right people along the way who opened up their networks for me.

I have been working in the festival field, for example I was in charge of private partners at the World Village Festival. I have also been working as Logistics Coordinator for Helsinki International Film Festival for the last six years.

Recently, I co-founded a new cultural event called Midsummer Madness. I was in charge of developing the relationships with main partners, marketing planning, general production and administrative matters. Unfortunately the first edition was cancelled due to the coronavirus in 2020.

What drew you to the arts and culture?

Curiosity! About people, about the world, about life and its stories.

As soon as I discovered cultural events and institutions such as festivals, museums, or cultural centres, I started wondering what it would be like to be behind the scenes and plan those. But also how to make the content more relatable to visitors, and how to adapt it to every kind of public.

What is the best thing about your job?

I love the fact that our field is in constant evolution and transformation, just look at how covid transformed our way to produce but also consume artistic content! I enjoy learning something new everyday: my job is the perfect way to satisfy my curiosity and discover new dimensions and people. I also find interesting having to adapt my work for the content to be appreciated by people who have different ways of enjoying arts.

What do you dream about in your job?

I dream that one day in Finland, the value and importance of culture and arts will be recognised and more appreciated. Which is why I think our work as cultural producers is essential, as we are able to bring back culture to the center of society.

Funny fact about you?

The main audience of the first festival I worked for were goats!


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