Where to get help

TAKU hallitusseminaari 2017

Updating member information, membership card and membership fee questions

If you have questions concerning your membership feel free to contact
Akava Special Branches and their membership officials.

Contact information here.

Salary and contract matters

Everything does not always go as planned, and working life is no exception. When problems arrive, TAKU members can utilize, in addition to their own union, the expert lawyers and agents of Akava Special Branches, who will aid them in questions related to hiring, your working conditions, and all other aspects of a work relationship in general.

You can find more specific work relationship contact information here.

Unemployment benefits

In matters concerning earning-related unemployment security, you should primarily be in contact with The Unemployment Fund for Higher Educated Employees Erko. We can also answer the most frequent questions at TAKU office or Akava Special Branches member services, but if you desire more specific information concerning, for instance, your own unemployment security situation, you can receive it directly from Erko. From the fund’s pages, you can also find detailed instructions on what to do should you become unemployed.

Check Erko's contact information.

In confidential matters, you can stay in contact with Erko through our protected web visitation service.