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Are you moving from studies to working life or are you considering a change of work places? You can also utilize the expertise of TAKU and Akava Special Branches when searching for work.

As a member, you can book a meeting with UP! Partners career service, and they will offer you personal advice for creating a CV and a work application, for career planning and other work search questions. Career service also allows you to access an extensive selection of advice videos.

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On this page, we have collected general advice for creating a CV and a work application.

What are the features of a good CV?

Your CV (Curriculum Vitae) is an abridged version of your work and education background. The recruiter can use it to quickly access all essential work-search-related matters. Your CV is your first chance to introduce yourself.

Consider the following before writing CV:

  • What sort of an impression do you want to give of your work career, skills and strengths?
  • What is the line of work your CV is intended for?
  • What matters do you particularly want to focus on?
  • What matters is it not necessary to highlight or mention?

A suitable length for a CV is two pages. Depending on the task, you can also utilize social media tools (such as LinkedIn) or make a video CV of yourself.

Application: a work interview as a goal

Ideally, a work application should be approximately one page (A4) long. The application should clear for both regarding its appearance and contents, and should not contain language mistakes. Remember to ensure your work application answers what was requested in the “work available” posting. Consider what makes you suitable for the task you’re applying for. Also remember to back up your claims.

Application contents

At the top of the page of your application, include:

  • Your contact details
  • The employer’s contact details
  • The date of application

First chapter: Why I’m applying for this task. Get their attention immediately!

Second chapter: Describe your expertise, successes and training in a clear, concise manner. Focus on the skills mentioned in the job posting. Make sure your application is directed to meet the needs of the other party.

Third chapter: Describe what you are like as an employee.

Finally: Desired salary level, if requested.