Is a trade union for professionals and students working in the fields of art and culture. It is a member of Akava, the trade union confederation of affiliates for highly educated people. TAKU is an expert in matters related to the specifics of work in the above-mentioned fields.

Art and Cultural Professionals’ Trade Union TAKU ry

  • strives to achieve fair salary rates for its members and improve their employment prospects
  • also fosters the position of art and cultural professionals through Akava and Akava Special Branches
  • serves as an expert in specific work-related matters and builds bridges between its members and industry operators.

TAKU safeguards employees

The main task of TAKU is to secure and improve the proper working conditions of its members and ensure fair salaries for them. TAKU’s services include personal counselling, training, and educational materials that aim to support its members’ ability to cope with work and foster fair terms of employment.


We have solid expertise in supervising the interests of art and cultural professionals, and we serve our members by providing information on industry-specific issues to such stakeholders as legislators, the trade union confederation, and representatives of the cultural industry. We pay particular attention to development in the world of work and the increasing focus on fixed-term work, freelancer- and entrepreneur-based employment.


Through its expanding membership base, TAKU is more widely represented and, therefore, has more weight in the labour market. In TAKU, the decision-making power belongs to the members through the Board elected in the general meeting.


Support in different phases of life

We give you personal guidance and take your situation in life into account, for example:

  • you don’t need to pay the membership fee during parental leave
  • you may be eligible for earnings-related unemployment allowance if you face the threat of unemployment
  • we offer advice when you are applying for a new job
  • we give you advice on employment contracts
  • you are entitled to training if you decide to become an entrepreneur.

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