Recommend our membership

Now, tell all of your friends of your membership!

If you believe TAKU would be an excellent choice for your colleague, university buddy or friend, recommend them our membership!

You can recommend membership by telling your friends of it personally or sending a pre-prepared message of recommendation.

When your friend joins as a member, we will ask for the name of the recommending person and contact you by email (the query will be sent by Akava Special Branches).

You may select a magazine’s annual volume (according to your choice either Fit, Koti ja keittiö or Matkaopas), or alternatively the popular Museum Card or a gift card, which allows you to select a quality product gift from diverse options. The selection is changing continually.

If you bring in five members during this year, you will additionally receive a 100-euro Super Gift Card.

A student should also join in as a member!

The person recommending the membership needs to be a member themselves.

Recommending a membership allows you to support efforts for the elderly and nature protection in Finland. Akava Special Branches will donate a euro to charity for each new member. The annual sum will be divided equally between HelsinkiMissio and The Finnish Association for Nature Conservation.

HelsinkiMissio will direct its donations to Aamukorva, a national phone service for lonely elderly people.

For The Finnish Association for Nature Conservation, the donation will be sent for protecting the symbol of the Finnish nature, our endangered Saimaa ringed seal.