Monitoring of interests

TAKU ry monitors the interests of its members throughout the entire field of arts and culture. We strive to make a difference both on our own and through the structures of our central organization, Akava. Our goal is advancing our members’ professional, salary-related, social or legal interests.

Matters related to promoting your labour market interests are processed at the institutions of Akava Special Branches, organized by employer sector. Each of Akava Special Branches negotiation units includes a member of TAKU. You can find more information on the negotiation units and their composition here (in Finnish).

TAKU and our membership are represented at Negotiation Organisation for Public Sector Professionals (JUKO) and Federation of Professional and Managerial Staff (YTN) through Akava Special Branches.

Promoting the interests of our members at three levels

We promote the interests of our members, whether they are related to financial, professional, social or work-environment-related matters. The promotion of interests happens at three organizational levels:

  • TAKU – professional and salary-related promotion of interests
  • Akava Special Branches (represented by YTN and JUKO) – service term- and agreement-related promotion of interests
  • AKAVA – promotion of contractual interests

Work relationship advice

We offer personal work-relationship-related advice for, among other things, initiating a work relationship, terminating it, and all the issues related to annual leaves and working hours.

Ideally, all work relationship advice is preventative. Its goal is confirming that the cooperation in working life is done in good common spirit and according to clearly-set regulations, thus ensuring that all parties stay happy. And should there be any differences of opinion on these matters, the union will come to your aid. As a member, you can also directly contact lawyers that will advise you on work relationship matters, or the TAKU office.

A network of shop stewards

As a member, you also gain access to your workplace’s Akava-provided shop steward or contact person. If there is no such person, contact TAKU. Akava Special Branches agents and lawyers will advise you and, when necessary, negotiate directly with the employer.