Membership fee

Membership fee, and what forms the basis of its payment

TAKU’s membership fee for 2018 is 1.3 % of the member’s gross income. From the beginning of 2018, Akava Special Branches' membership fees have changed so that all members will need to pay them. If you have no employment income that is subject to income tax or do not receive benefits from un unemployment fund, your membership fee is EUR 10 a month. Remember to update your membership information so as to be eligible for a reduced fee!

Salaried employees

The membership fee is paid for all income that falls under withholding, including the gross salary, holiday remunerations, holiday pay and fringe benefits (such as the lunch benefit, the car benefit and the phone benefit). The membership fee is also paid for benefits paid by our unemployment fund, which ERKO collects automatically. Remember: membership fees are tax-deductible.

The membership fee is not paid for bonuses, options, performance-based fees, the so-called dismissal termination package, kilometre-based rates, student benefits, other benefits or Kela benefits.


No membership fees are paid for the student benefits. If you perform salaried labour during your studies, the work benefits are paid for working income normally.

Entrepreneurs and sole proprietors

If you’re a full-time entrepreneur, your membership fee is fixed at 200 euros per year (16.66 euros per month). If you become a member or start your business in the middle of a year, the membership fee is only charged for the remainder of the year. The entrepreneur’s membership fee does not contain a membership in the fund, but if you wish, you can join The Unemployment Fund for Entrepreneurs and the Self-Employed AYT, which is intended for Akava members.


The membership fee of the pensioners is 70 euros per year (5.83 euros per month). If you retire in the middle of a year, the membership fee is only charged for the remainder of the year as a one-time payment.

Living abroad

The membership fee is 10 euros per month (does not apply to posted workers).

Ways of payment

You can pay your membership fee independently or by delivering the employer and Akava Special Branches an authorization that allows the fee to be withheld directly from your salary.

If you want to pay your fees yourself, the easiest way to do this is visiting the Akava Special Branches web page. You can ask for membership fee release from the same place when you’re not working.

You can find the authorization for the employer and its directions here. Any questions you have related to filling the authorization are answered by Akava Special Branches member secretaries.