Art and Culture Professionals' Trade Union TAKU

Mikonkatu 8 A
00100 Helsinki

Updating member information, membership card and membership fee questions

If you have questions concerning your membership feel free to contact
Akava Special Branches and their membership officials.

Membership Officials 0800 135 370
(free number)
Membership Officials are available on Tue, Wed and Thu 9 a.m.–2 p.m.

Legal consultation on employment matters

If you require assistance concerning your employment, please contact Akava Special Branches' legal advisers. please describe your question in the form. To expedite the service, they request that you fill in your member number and contact information. Legal adviser will contact you personally.

If your question is urgent you can get legal consultation also by phone free of charge.
Legal consultation for the municipal, State and university sector 0800 135 380
Legal consultation for the private and organisation sector 0800 135 350
Telephone service: Mon-Fri 9:00 a.m.–2:00 p.m.

TAKU Office

Executive Director
Nea Leo (on summer holiday during 24.6.–2.8.20)
administration, promotion of interests
tel. 044 066 4800

Mari Kettunen (on summer holiday 29.6.–2.8.20)
communications, membership services
tel. 044 777 8679

Organisation Coordinator
Sini Myllyniemi (on summer holiday during 26.6.–2.8.20)
events, student co-operation, training
tel. 040 561 8967

Vilja Byström, Expert (on a study leave)


Juha Isotalo
tel. 050 531 8414

Invoices sent to TAKU

Taide- ja kulttuurialan ammattijärjestö TAKU ry
c/o Tilitoimisto T. Sundquist ja R. Olin Ky
Annankatu 31-33 C 53
00100 Helsinki


OVT-identification 003707430871
operator Maventa 003721291126 / DABAFIHH

VAT number 0743087-1