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The purpose of TAKUtuki is to strengthen the research and awareness of arts and culture sector. This year the support is 1 000 €/work and it will be granted for two students.  The application period is 2.3.–31.3.20.

Who can apply?

TAKUtuki is available to all TAKU's student members and members who are currently completing their thesis, which is completed/will be completed from July 2019 till end of June 2020. You can apply with AMK/YAMK work from University of Applied Sciences or BA/MA thesis from university. The applicant must be a member of the TAKU or join the union before submitting the application.

You can join TAKU here.


The application for TakuTuki grant is sent via online application. Attach the non-formal application letter in pdf-format. The recommended length of the application letter is 1–2 pages (max. 10 000 marks).

For the online application you need to also write a short summary (length approximately one paragraph). You can also tell if you have planned to continue working with the same topic on some level or have you been able to utilize your thesis on some other way.

The application deadline is 31.3.20 at 23:00. You can submit an application in Finnish, Swedish or English.

Apply TAKUtuki here.

The application should address the following:

  • Your major, university/institution and name of the thesis supervisor
  • Subject of the study
  • keywords
  • The importance of research topic for the field of science and for TAKU
  • Research methodology
  • Timetable and possible estimate of the costs

Applications are evaluated anonymously. Please do not include your name or contact information to the application.

The choice of supported works is done by issues such as:

  • Interesting topic
  • Importance of the subject for the arts and culture sector
  • Clear format of the application
  • The work is ready or well advanced and the schedule is realistic

The degree of the thesis will be taken into account in the selection for awarded works.

The grant admission

The Board of TAKU is making the selection for awarded works and applications are evaluated anonymously. The chosen people will be announced at the TAKU spring seminar 15.5.20. TAKUtuki is paid in May. The recipients of the grant are contacted when the selection is made. The recipients will also be announced on TAKU's website and in the newsletter. The Board of TAKU has the right to decide to support only one work or leave the grant completely unallocated.

TAKU may use the chosen works its own communication, for example on its website or in its newsletter with the appropriate source references. Last two years TAKUtuki stipendiats you can see here: 2019 and 2018 (articles is in Finnish).

More information:

Sini Myllyniemi
040 561 8967

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Sini Myllyniemi, TAKUn järjestökoordinaattori